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Rich in Cyprus Botanicals

The journey to producing our small batch Gin made here in Cyprus began with two dogs. And, a friendship that has lasted 40 years. Not to mention a shared passion for the perfect Gin and Tonic, Negronis, Dry Martini and the occasional cheeky White Lady! […read more]

What are Botanicals? | Soli Gin, Cyprus


Small Batch Distilled Gin

Produced using purified neutral alcohol of roughly 96% Gin can be formulated from grain or a by-product of grapes or molasses. Botanicals are wrapped in muslin or similar material, using time-honoured techniques. It is then steeped in the base alcohol inside a traditional copper still, for up to 48 hours before the distillation process commences.

Once distilled Soli Gin is cut with locally sourced natural spring water from the Paphos region to attain the legal alcohol percentage for bottling.  The real Gin heroes are, of course, the botanicals. […read more]

Our Passion

Our way of life and our love of our land and sea

The alchemy began on a Saturday morning in a kitchen in Neo Chorio!

Different quantities and types of botanicals were introduced to the distillation process. Ongoing tasting at each stage in what was a surprisingly short period had produced a small batch of gin with which we were happy. It had some distinct botanical and citrus notes that soaked well with tonic. Excited and enthusiastic by this little success, the next question was how and if the gin could be produced on a commercial scale.

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Sustainably sourced in the Akamas

Discovery is this way!

Our Team

and their passion

Tim and Ron met over 40 years ago in Qatar. Both are known for their various entrepreneurial endeavours in both the Middle and the Far East.

Whilst walking two typically mad and energetic Cypriot hounds through the Akamas, on a slightly damp autumn afternoon, metaphorical lightning struck the intrepid dog walkers. In front of them, they found they were surrounded by trees redolent with Juniper berries. The essential botanical that gives all gin its distinctive flavour and aroma. And, the seed of an idea was planted. […read more]


About Us

The journey of our small batch Gin made here in Cyprus began with two dogs and a 40-year friendship

Why Cyprus?

We are immensely proud of our locally produced, Cypriot inspired Gin and hope everyone will be too.

Our Team

A shared passion for a perfect Gin & Tonic, Negronis, Dry Martini and occasional cheeky White Lady!

Where to Buy?

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