Soli Gin Summer Update

Soli Gin Availability 

Whilst 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone expected, we have thankfully made great progress with the production of Soli Gin and wanted to give you a quick Soli Gin Summer Update. The good news is that our distillery staff have been busy hand-packing our Premium Gin Blend, “The Founders Edition”.

This is now available to purchase through the website here, or by sending a message to Soli Gin through our Facebook page,

A Minoan octopus is printed with real gold leaf on our black amphora bottle. A Limited founders batch means you could be the lucky owner of a future classic. At 30 Euro a bottle, it’s a winner. 

Soli Gin Reviews

Wonderful reviews and a recent delivery to OENOU Yi winery resulted in this lovely comment : 

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Just recently, the creators of soligin gifted us at OENOU Yi winery a bottle of your marvelous gin. We are positively shocked at at how good your gin is!! We mixed it with some tonic and a squeeze of orange juice and an orange slice. LOVE IT!! THANK YOU FOR THE PRESENT.

Well, thank you very much, guys! That’s a great way to serve it! 

Soli Gin Pink bottle

And for all you lovers of gin, not too long to wait before our London Dry Gin and Our Pink Gin are available. Here’s a sneak preview.. how will you enjoy yours?