A Voyage of Flavour Aboard the Nafsika II Cocktail Cruise

Soli Gin: A Voyage of Flavour Aboard the Nafsika II Cocktail Cruise on the 10th of June 2023

All aboard for an exceptional gin experience! This World Gin Day, the 10th of June 2023, we’re inviting gin aficionados to embark on a sensory journey like no other – a  Cocktail Cruise aboard Nafsika II.

We’re thrilled to announce a remarkable partnership with the distinguished Nafsika II Sunset & BBQ Cruise, featuring an entire evening dedicated to exploring the unique and fascinating world of gin.

Soli Gin, celebrated for its remarkable character and distinctive taste profile, is more than just a gin. It encapsulates art, passion, and a longstanding tradition of distilling excellence.

Known for its perfectly balanced blend of botanicals, Soli Gin promises to take your gin appreciation to new heights.

On this voyage aboard Nafsika II, you’ll savour your favourite gin cocktails and delve deep into the heart of Soli Gin’s distinct flavours while enjoying a fantastic BBQ and the sunset over the Akamas Peninsula. Our expert mixologists have curated an array of gin cocktails showcasing Soli Gin’s multifaceted nature. From timeless classics like the Gin and Tonic and Negroni to some innovative Soli Gin creations, there’s an exciting mixology adventure waiting for every gin lover.

Why is Soli Gin so exceptional?

It all comes down to our unique blend of carefully sourced botanicals, providing a harmonious, smooth, nuanced, and deeply satisfying flavour profile. Each sip reveals a symphony of tastes that makes Soli Gin a true delight for the palate.

As the Nafsika II sets sail, you’ll witness the perfect balance between Soli Gin’s vibrant taste and the serene beauty of the ocean.

Every element of the cruise – from the gentle sea breeze to the lullaby of waves – enhances the Soli Gin experience, culminating in a memorable celebration of World Gin Day with a delicious barbeque on board.

Limited tickets are available for this spectacular evening of gin appreciation and seafaring delight. Nafsika II guarantees a gin-tasting extravaganza, an outstanding BBQ, a resident DJ, and an evening you won’t forget.

Book online at www.cyprusminicruises.com or call Theo on +357 99 302 879

The cruise leaves at 16:00 until Sunset with Nafsika II’s famous Cypriot BBQ (Chicken and Pork Souvla) and village salad. Prices are €28.00 for adults and €15 for children aged 3-12 years – infants go free. 

So join us this World Gin Day to celebrate the spirit genuinely winning hearts throughout Cyprus – Soli Gin. Step aboard the Nafsika II Cocktail Cruise, and let’s raise a glass to good times and great gin!

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